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Huawei Mate V - trademark
Huawei Mate V – Trademark

This concept image got leaked a week ago and the news came in front of the media that Huawei is doing something similar to the arch rival Samsung. And as we can see the image here it is quite accurate. This design looks familiar to the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip!

Yesterday, a trademark appeared where we can see Huawei has applied for a trademark for an upcoming device named Huawei Mate V! Best jewellery app

Huawei Mate V - Trademark done - Morning Tech Masala
Trademark of Huawei Mate V

And just recently a technology media named LetsGoDigital has showcased some concept images or the possible actual smartphones based on the previously leaked concept design. Here is how it looks:

Huawei Mate V - concept - Morning tech masala -
Image source: LetsGoDigital

Here from this particular image we can see the clamshell design of Huawei Mate V. Unlike to the punch hole camera of Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, it will have a similar notch to the Huawei Mate 20! Not only that, but at the back of the device, there we can see the secondary notification display similar to the Galaxy Z flip. It will only show notification and not something like the Moto Razor. There is a quad camera setup at the back, but this might not have a periscopic camera in this particular model.

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OnePlus is once again setting the campaign marketing on fire! Every where you go, every website you visit, you will see the ad of OnePlus Nord. It doesn’t stop there, they are playing with the word of mouth as well. Over the years OnePlus is slowly becoming the Apple of Android! confusing right? It’s nothing but innovation+marketing+keeping it simple is making OnePlus almost like Apple.

Finally as all specs and details of OnePlus Nord are here (read here), OnePlus is sending invitations to the mass through Amazon! You heard it right. Unlike every year this year the launch will take place online. Not only online but will happen in AR (Augmented Reality).

The invitation cards are available through Amazon, at just Rs. 99 and will start shipping from 18th July and will reach to you before the launch on 21st July.

You can get the invitation exclusively from our website!! How? check here –

That’s not all, on purchasing this invitation you may get gifts like minimum Rs. 1000 Amazon voucher or Bullets Wireless Z or the Nord itself! As Amazon and OnePlus committed “Assured Gift for Everyone”

OnePlus Nord Retail Box - Morning Tech Masala
OnePlus Nord Retail Box


Foxconn or the Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd. is world’s largest electronic manufacturing service provider. They build the 80% of Apple products and a total of 40% of all consumer electronics sold worldwide.

Foxconn India recently produced iPhone XR in India, the first ‘Made in India’ iPhone models.

Recently Foxconn Chairman Liu Young said that they have a bigger plans for their production unit in India. Today a source has confirmed that Foxconn will invest $1 billion to expand a factory in Sriperumbudur, Tamil Nadu, India. This is going to be another step forward in Make in India Initiative after Xiaomi, Samsung and Apple.

There can be 2 reasons behind this:

  • The rise of clash between USA and China which leads them to the trade war. Apple being the biggest customer of Foxconn may request them to shift their main production unit from China. This will help both Apple and Foxconn to shine globally without creating more US – China tension.
  • India being the biggest smartphone market may attract them to invest and produce in India. As the relationship between India & China is getting worse, this is the right time for the manufacturers to shift in this country and get the benefit of ‘Make in India’ initiative.

The Indian Government is also working to boost up the electronics manufacturing firms such as Foxconn. Last month the central government launched a $6.65 billion plan, offering some global smartphone makers incentives to build and expand their domestic production in India.

Foxconn - office - morning tech masala by phonegeek
Foxconn Unit


We have spotted an unknown OnePlus device last night, just 10 days before the launch of OnePlus Nord! And it is quite surprising as it is confirmed not to be the One Plus Nord, but something else.

OnePlus Nord Lite Mystry Device - Morning Tech Masala by

This device was spotted on Geekbench with the code name “OnePlus BE2028”. The listing shows the phone has 6GB of RAM, it runs on Android 10, and is powered by the Snapdragon 690. Whereas the OnePlus Nord runs on Snapdragon 765 and that is officially confirmed.

So Far, Everything We Know:

The Snapdragon 690 was introduced last month as the first Snapdragon 600-series 5G processor.

Among some capabilities of the chipset, it also has Bluetooth 5.1 and Wi-Fi 6 and supports FHD+ displays with a 120Hz refresh rate and QHD+ displays with a 60Hz and 90Hz display.

Based on the features of the chipset, we can guess some of the specifications of this Unknown OnePlus phone. It will have an FHD+ display. With a refresh rate of at least 90Hz. As OnePlus aggressively taking on speed and already said last year that all its phones will have a high refresh rate and we presume this will also apply to its mid-range phones as Nord will come with a 90Hz refresh rate

This unknown device may get called as OnePlus Nord Lite or as OnePlus Nord T and might get launched along with the OnePlus Nord on 21st July this year. We will cover more on this mysterious device in upcoming days only on Morning Tech Masala by PhoneGeek!

OnePlus Family - all onePlus models together - morning tech masala
All Previous OnePlus Models Together

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